Guard Tour Solution

temp-gtsPatrol rounds by security personnel are essential to tie the whole security management policies together. Adversaries will always try to spot for weaknesses in your security system and consistent guard patrols are necessary to diffuse their plan for a potential break-in. During these rounds, the guards will obviously look for suspicious characters or abnormalities in security protocols but also they can help detect and pen-down damages to the facility or building i.e, pipe leak to help maintenance staff to work on the problem soonest.





 How do you ensure that your guards are doing their patrol rounds and in the correct path routing?  Using a computerized Guard Tour Management system allows the guards to electronically check-in at their patrolled points via a sturdy hand-held checkpoint reader and then downloading these data back to a computer for reports to be generated.



Providing a very high level of attentiveness and  resolution  (by the visual and human judgement) of events, when the guard is touring


The guard on patrol feels, sees, hears and  smells  the environment, while looking for relevant events to report 
> Guards give the patrol site population a sense of calm and security while dissuading possible criminal activities 
> Productivity and effectiveness of guards are increased as their actions are documented and recorded
> Security and facility personnel are able to generate reports to assist them in better managing their building and people
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