For Residential Users


Residential users can be categorized as gated or non gated. For gated community customers, e.g. condominiums, the most essential security equipment is the vehicle access and visitor registration system. It is at this point that proper security management and policy must take effect to curb threats as this is the main entry and exit points to the premises. Close circuit surveillance system will also be deployed alongside these systems to further enhance the overall security of the guard post. Access control is also another key equipment used primarily to grant access to sensitive areas usually deployed to door entrance and to lift halls. In some exclusive developments, access control is also deployed in lifts to further enhance the level of security. Electronic locks are also an option for the few discerning wanting higher security, exclusivity and convenience. 


To assist security guards with premise monitoring and control, CCTV cameras will be placed in strategic high threat areas to help combat illegal activities. Some of these places would include lift lobbies, concierge,  basement car parks and public places like swimming pool area.  Perimeter CCTV surveillance remains a challenge to all developers and a more cost effective and maintenance free approach to this is by designing anti-climb walls with proper lighting to deter crime. A guard patrol system is also used to allow guards to patrol specific points during their scheduled tours.  


For non gated residential users, alarm systems and closed circuit monitoring system (CCTV) will be the two key equipments for security management. Notification of alarms can be sent to the owner via telephone dial up and also can be notified to CMS operator for quick on-site alarm response. 

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